Marina Jakulic
BA Graphic Design
MA Visual Communications
Post Graduate — Interactive Media Management
IIDEX Canada Inclusive Design Certificate
Hyper Island — Leadership© Essentials Certificate

Who I’ve worked with in random order:
Uber Canada

Grey Worldwide
Bunch Design
School of Design
Shopify Plus
Peace Collective
Skateboard Klub August Šenoa
Vladimir Film Festival
Solo Skate Mag

Little about me:
  • My design process is User-centered, always with Business in mind
  • I understand what’s technically possible, and how to translate value proposition into rich customer experience
  • Storytelling is the best tool to help us create a great product
  • Nothing has to be perfect and we can learn lots even from smallest insights
  • Thai food, croissants and coffee are my fav, and won’t say no to a good Pisco sour

For confidential reasons, please use this password protected link to learn more.

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Hello from Berlin ☺
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