Design Strategy and Innovative Thinking
To drive growth, we need to identify new and future opportunities and rethink measurements to create a new value. I‘ve been practicing storytelling and Design sprints as a lean approach to any project; through user journeys, mapping opportunities, stakeholder co-design workshops and identifying touch and pain points while making data-driven decisions.
Most of my Product work is confidential but there are some things I can share :) 


Lead Designer for an E-commerce - Shopify+

Branding/Visual/Web/UX/CX/UI 2016-2017

Peace Collective is an E-commerce that was built on Shopify, anchored by Products, Community and Foundation. We did a complete Front-end of the shop (Shopify Theme), keeping in mind the possibilities and limitations of Shopify liquid language.
Homepage system structure made it easy to configurate and manage the theme from Administration Panel. By using configurator, you could change the number and position of modules for featured products, lookbooks, featured blog posts and custom made timers that were used for announcing new collections.
Custom Mailchimp templates were also created as a part of streamlined design process.

Email Newsletters (Mailchimp)
Casper x PC | Blue Jays | Girls only | Street One | Street Two

Branding and Art Direction
I was lucky enough to work at Design and Advertising agencies in Europe and Canada where I played a role of a Designer (Graphic/Digital/Interactive/UX/Art Director). Sometimes I help small brands and friends vith their brand identities, packaging, exhibition design and editorial work.

_ _ Service Design and Concept Creation
I’m lucky enough I’ve worked with some of the best groups of people I know.
Driving innovation and identifying new market opportunities are some of my expertise.

Random projects I worked on/collaborated
Web/Posters/Art Direction
w/ Sebastian Rodriguez, Ivo Matic/ Will Jivcoff/ Pulska Grupa/ Skateboard Klub August Šenoa

Hello from Berlin ☺
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